Typographic Systems

In my Typographic Systems course, I created this compilation of guidelines based on Robert Bringhurst’s The Elements of Typographic Style. This project required an application of the content through careful, traditional typesetting of notes I took from Bringhurst’s book. 

The booklet is intended as a guide for new designers who are just getting started with type. It covers the most important tips and tricks, common pitfalls, and technicalities of quality typesetting. 

Critical Design Branding

In my Graphic Design Inquiry course, I was tasked with creating a project that involved a criticism on some element of modern society. I chose to investigate the cosmetic industry. In my research, I learned the FDA does not currently regulate cosmetic ingredients. I also discovered a correlation between cosmetic branding and women’s self esteem issues. I decided to expose these problematic elements of the makeup industry with a mock brand.

I created Toxic Cosmetics, a made-up makeup brand that unapologetically encompasses both the physical and psychological detriments of the industry. 

The project deliverables consisted of three ad campaign posters and a basic branding guide. This project taught me how to apply a branding style to a series of marketing materials.

UI/UX Benchmark Analysis

Analysis of the current Hearts in Motion website, including competitor analysis.

UI/UX Heuristic Analysis

Analyzing Hearts in Motion’s website for user friendliness with heuristic maps. 

Environmental Children's Book

For my Type and Image course at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I was tasked with creating an open-ended project to advocate for the environment. I decided to create a children’s book to inspire young girls’ confidence in STEM. I conducted all of the necessary research to create this illustrated biography of Rachel Carson, the woman who launched the environmentalist movement with her book, Silent Spring

Stress Relief Campaign

In my first of three Graphic Design Inquiry courses, , I was given no requirements for my project. After considering several themes, most of them about exposing social injustice, I decided to go in a more uplifting direction. I realized students at my University needed a reminder that they were allowed to take care of their own mental wellness amid all the chaos of school stress.

The medium for this endeavor became stickers, designed to fit into the laptop-decorating culture of college students. I made each of the nine stickers with a different original animal illustration and a unique tip about managing stress. I then handed them out for free at a University cafeteria. The goal: to uplift someone’s day.